Get Paid to Write for ReadySpace

We’re looking for tutorials on ReadySpace Cloud. Get paid up to URM$150 per article.

What’s Required?

Show Us Your Previous Work

You can contact us here . Attach or link us to your previous work. We’re looking for writers that have a passion to educate others, can communicate clearly in a professional tone, and write error free.

What Will You Write About?

Let us know your technical background and what topics you would be most interested in writing about. We will help you brainstorm ideas and narrow down the topic.

Getting Paid

We will pay you through Paypal after your article has been submitted and approved for publishing. We will have a $150 payout for full-length articles (around 1500 – 5000 words), and $100 for shorter, narrow-focused pieces (around 1,000 words).

Guidelines for Writing
Your Audience

You should write the tutorial/article to target a specific audience. There should be a clear difficulty involved in following the tutorial labeled as: beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Content should be original and not duplicate existing topics on ReadySpace. All writing should be submitted in Markdown format. For more information about Markdown, visit here.

Tone and Detail of Articles

You should write the tutorial/article in a friendly and professional tone. You should strive to deliver the most clear cut explanation of a process you can. Imagine your audience has no background knowledge of the subject. Once the reader has read through a tutorial they should have:

a. Set up something from start to finish
b. Learned how to deploy it to ReadySpace Cloud if applicable
c. Acquired a deeper understanding of a new topic

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