Top Reasons why customers choose ReadySpace

Every services is designed with Small Business to Enterprises in mind
Since 2003, we have been thinking of ways to differentiate ourselves. As we grow our business, we realized that there is a need for business to easily buy and use services from us. Hence, we design our services to fit into corporate environment and their needs. If you are an individual, the services will not make sense to you unless you are running a business. Our system has got Single Sign On and Access Controls features so that you can decide who to give access to what in your organisation. Very few Cloud Providers has got this for you.

Complete Wholesale and Partnership programmes Available
If you are our partner, you are like part of our family. We take you seriously and seek to work closely as a team. Our range of programmes allow us to work together with mutual benefits. It is to make sure that no one is being left behind where money can be made.
Scalable anytime
Upgrade and downgrade resources anytime with no downtime at all. We dont want to package deals and force you to buy things that you dont need. Buy only what you needed. Whatever that is not needed, you dont have to buy it.
Service Trials and Freemiums
All of ReadySpace Cloud Services either comes with Service Trials or a free for life version. We want you to try out the services before you commit. Believe what you see, not only on our marketing materials. Thats the best way you can make your decision.
Pay only what you use
We understand that business change its requirements very quickly especially in today’s economy. Contracts just doesn’t make sense anymore to win. Billing is based on daily billing block for ReadySpace Cloud Services. You dont have to tie yourself down with contracts or long term subscriptions. Even after you have decided to use a particular service or application from us, you can still change your mind and terminate anytime.
Long enough history and experience
Since 2003, we have been looking into security, availability and compliance. This has became a part of our fresh where we eat and sleep with it. So it is not just having the tools that enable these, it is also about how to implement and use these tools effectively. Since its part of us now, 2 Factor Authentication, High Availability, High Level Service Monitoring, Security services are really things that are normal to us. Thats why we have zero power outage since our first day.
Relationships, relationships, relationships
This is really important. There many problems and issues can only be solved because of who you know and how about what you know. Without good relationship, you will not have good internet connectivities to various countries. Being one of the early hosting providers, we had established and build so much strong relationship with network providers who can help us solve problems outside technical issues. This is just one of the example we have for you, there are many more. We simply know who to talk to in times of emergencies and get things done. This value is priceless really.
Overall Customer Experience
80% of our budget is placed in improving overall customer experience. Whatever that you see, hear, touch, smell, eat, we want to improve that to the maximum. Yes, it is impossible to get satisfaction from everyone, but want to satisfy our customers every time. Hence, while many companies are out there focusing to get new customers on-board, we focus on taking care of every customer who is already on-board.

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