Containers are Here to Stay. Don’t Believe Me? Ask Anyone.

I don’t know what happened in the last few weeks but it feels like the world just discovered container technology. Recent stories include TMCNET, V3, SmartBear, and ZDNet. At Parallels, while supporting hypervisors for service delivery, we always believed in containers, which is why we invested so significantly in R&D. We shipped the first version for Linux in 1999 and for Windows in 2004. With hundreds of thousands of servers being powered by Parallels containers, we have gotten pretty good at that technology. We also have James Bottomley, who is helping drive innovation further. James and his team are actively working with the community to integrate Parallels containers into OpenStack. You can find the early OpenStack Nova driver here. They are also working on open source projects to make OpenStack distributions available in our cloud delivery platform, Parallels Automation.

If you want to learn more about containers and if it makes sense for your business, check out the information at or James’ presentation Containers and the Cloud: Do You Need Another Virtual Environment? Containers is not suited for every work load. But it is suited for cloud and we know that is getting quite popular lately.

You will be hearing more soon. Check back frequently.

John Zanni, CMO, Parallels


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